What is a Lift Management System?

Keeping daily, weekly and yearly track of your lifts, especially in an environment with more than a few lifts, can be difficult. Many times, it’s also tough for a manager or foreman to know which lifts are in most need of repair or replacement. Using a lift management system can help. A lift management system can help you keep track of your lifts’ maintenance and inspection status. It serves as a general dashboard to view in real time the status of all lifts.

Some features of a lift management system to look for include:

Manufacturer/model variety: Make sure that the system you choose has not only the manufacturers and models of your current lifts, but of any lifts in the future that you may purchase or otherwise use.

Feature-rich product creation: While manufacturer and model are a baseline for adding lifts to a lift management system, there are many other dimensions that are important to keep track of, including inspection status, ALI-Certification, and service history.

Security: This information belongs to you and is sensitive information. Make sure that your lift management system has the following security measures in place: sitewide security certificate (HTTPS protocol), global redirect, captcha protection, and automatic, unique serialization of products. For example, you want to make sure that your lifts aren’t showing up on a Google Search or cannot be guessed by a user.

Product Pages: Make sure each of your lifts has its own, dedicated product page. These product pages allow for direct ordering of lift service, replacement, and inspection. More advanced versions have tabs for service history, a place to upload additional documents and pictures, and a place where the lift management system administrators can remotely upload pertinent documents, such as inspection reports, brochures, manuals, and other supporting documentation.

Cost: A feature-rich software system usually comes attached with a hefty monthly fee. Other software may come standard as a value-added benefit of your member association. Ask your member association about their options and solutions for a lift management system.

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