When adding equipment, there are a few things that you want to do to make sure you’re properly adding your lifts.

Follow this guide while creating new lifts, or you can fill out the form here as you go.

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Product Name

In this step, name the lift. It’s best to name it something unique or that will help you remember this lift. Feel free to put a store name, bay number, or anything else that helps.

General Info

Type of Lift

In this step, choose what type of lift it is. Many lifts are two posts, although others are also common. See the gallery below for help:

Two Post

Four Post




Mobile Column



Motorcycle Lift


In this step, choose what capacity your lift is.

Lift Make

In this step, choose the Make of your lift, like Challenger or Rotary. If the Make of the lift is not on the list, choose “Other” and write in the Make of the lift.

Lift Model

In this step, choose the Model of your lift. If you chose the correct Lift Type, Capacity and Make, a list of Models will appear. If your model is not listed, choose Other and write in the Model to the best of your knowledge. Note that the letters “X”, “Y”, and “Z”,

Is this lift used for alignment?

This step is conditional and will only show up in your form when you choose the Lift Type as “Scissor” or “Four Post”. If this lift is used to perform alignments, please answer “Yes”. Otherwise, answer “No”.

More Info


Were the lift’s cables replaced recently? Is the lift making a funny noise that you need to be careful of? Any notes about this lift will go here.

Product Image

If you have a product image, feel free to upload it here. It will help visualize your lifts in your Repository, which is the overview of your lifts, along with their inspection status and other facts. You could upload a picture of the lift, the Serial number, or anything else.

Other Images

If you have other images that you’d like to add, feel free to upload them here, including the inspection sticker!


Original Purchase Condition

Was the lift purchased New or Used, or are you unsure about it?

Estimated Purchase Date

Estimate the date of purchase. In the future, this could help you understand how much maintenance is needed for your lifts, as well as things like product warranties.

Original Vendor

Who sold you the lift originally?

Has this lift been inspected?

Has this lift been inspected? You can choose “Yes”, “No”, or “I’m not sure”. To find out, you can see if you have an Inspection Sticker on your lift. This is not a sticker that comes with the lift, but a sticker that must be affixed by a lift inspector.

ALI-Certified Inspection

If the lift has been inspected, was it an ALI-Certified Inspection? If you’re not sure, check “No”.

Last Inspection Date

What was the last inspection date? If you’re not sure of the day, but you know the month (usually from the inspection sticker)


Who was the inspector? This would also be on the Inspection Sticker affixed to the lift.